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Frequently Asked Questions 

We ask that you please respect all store policy's. Please remember we are here to provide you with a happy memorable experience but to do so we require your respect and kindness ~ Mangement

How many people can I bring ?

 - You will be advised by your consultant when booking on how many guests are welcome on weekdays.

- On a Saturday the bride is welcome to bring a maximum 2 guests. 

Are masks still required in store?

- No they are no longer required. However, if you wish to still wear one that is totally ok.

Are photos allowed?

- No! but you are welcome to take photos when you say yes to the dress. 

How long will my gown take to be delivered ?

- gowns can take up to 8 months to be delivered. 

What if my wedding is less then 8 months away ?

- depending on the designer we can either rush the order or we can purchase the gown from inventory - costs apply.

Do you sell gowns off the floor ?

- yes we do and they are often at reduced prices ! 

What size do you sell ?

-  Our instore samples range from a size 4 to a size 28.

- When ordering sizes start at 0 and can be purchased up to size 30. 

Do you stock accessories ?

- yes we have many Veil and Jewellery options in store. 

"Had one of the best shopping experiences of my life I was nervous at first coming in to find a dress but that went away once I met Sarah she was absolutely lovely with exceptional customer service I will be definitely recommending this place to everyone Also want to give Sarah a special thank you !" - Beck Lindsay


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